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Contact Information:

Office Location: Madera Hall Room 2627
Phone: 805-437-3313
E-mail: james.meriwether@csuci.edu


Recent Presentations:

"Decolonization & Desegregation: Africa, African Americans, and the Johnson Administration." Paper delivered at American Politics, World Politics: International Dimensions of U.S. History. Clare College, Cambridge University, UK, April 2011.

"To Defeat Racialism Whenever it Raises it's Ugly Head': Africa and American Political Life in the 1960's." Paper delivered at Invited Talk, Princeton University, NJ, October 2011.

Recent Publications:

Review of: Secular Missionaries: Americans and African Development in the 1960's. Journal of American History. 98:2, September 2011, 583-83.

Review of: The United States and the End of British Colonial Rule in Africa, 1941-1968. H-Diplo Reviews. XIII: Vol. 9, October 2011, 2-4

Review of: Cold War in Southern Africa: White Power, Black Liberation. H-Diplo Reviews. XIII: Vol. 10, November 2011, 15-18

Spring 2014 Class Schedule 

Class #SubjectCatalog #SectionClass TitleDaysTime
 1919 HIST 271 01 The United States Since 1877 M/W 1:30-2:45 pm
2065HIST 49901CapstoneM9:00-11:50am

Spring 2014 Office Hours

 W 3:00-4:00pm

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