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Sample Syllabi for History Courses

Then following documents are samples of what a syllabus may be like for each course.  Syllabi are subject to change.

HIST 211 World Civilizations: Origins to 1500 (MS Word, 69.5KB)

HIST 212 World Civilizations: Since 1500 (MS Word, 35.5KB)

HIST 310 History of the Mediterranean (MS Word, 31.5KB)

HIST 320 European History, 1945 - Present (MS Word, 41.5KB)

HIST 349 History of Business and Economics in North America  (MS Word, 33KB)

HIST 369 California History and Culture (MS Word, 32KB)

HIST 392 Modern China  (MS Word, 48KB)

HIST 393 Contemporary China  (MS Word, 51KB)

HIST 394 Traditional Japan  (MS Word, 51KB)

HIST 395 Modern Japan  (MS Word, 48KB)

HIST 396 East Asia: Then and Now  (MS Word, 50KB)

HIST 413 World Religions and Classical Philosophies (MS Word, 47KB)

HIST 415 Society and Radicalism (MS Word, 56KB)

HIST 491 Historiography (MS Word, 45.5KB)