Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History : 120 Units

46-48 units required for the major
24-26 units of free electives in any discipline
48 units of General Education
120 Total Units for Graduation

(Except for the capstone category, all courses listed below are 3 units)

Lower Division Required Courses (15 units)
6 units of World Civilizations:

HIST 211 World Civilizations: Origins to 1500*
HIST 212 World Civilizations: Since 1500*

Complete two from the following:

HIST 250 World Regions
HIST 270 The United States to 1877†
HIST 271 The United States since 1877†

3 units in Methodology

HIST 300 The Historian’s Craft*

Upper Division Required Courses (34-36 units)

Students must complete at least three courses (9 units) from each of the following areas: North American History and World History. One of these areas must have four courses (12 units).

9-12 units in History of North America

HIST 302 Topics in North American HistoryHIST 333 History of Southern California Chicana/o Art* 
HIST 334 Narratives of Southern California* HIST 343 The Long Civil Rights Movement
HIST 349 History of Business and Economics in North America* 
HIST 350 Chicano History and Culture† 
HIST 351 History of African Americans
HIST 369 California History and Culture 
HIST 370 United States Colonial History 
HIST 371 The Founding of the United States 
HIST 372 United States Industrialism and Progressivism 
HIST 373 American Labor History 
HIST 374 United States since 1945HIST 375 The United States and the World Since 1900
HIST 401 United States Immigration History, 1840-1945 
HIST 402 Southern California Chicana/o History and Culture* 
HIST 403 The American Intellectual Tradition 
HIST 420 History of Mexico 
HIST 421 Revolutionary Mexico, 1876-1930 
HIST 470 People and Everyday Life in Early America

9-12 units in World History

Students should select at least three courses from the following list:

HIST 301 Topics in World History
HIST 310 History of the Mediterranean
HIST 316 History of Medieval Europe 800 - 1400
HIST 317 Renaissance and Reformation Europe 1350 - 1648
HIST 318 The Age of Revolution in Europe 1648 - 1871
HIST 319 European History, 1871-1945 
HIST 320 European History 1945 to the Present
HIST 322 Modern Russia: 1855 - Present
HIST 323 Iberian Global Expansion, 1450 - 1800
HIST 330 History of Science: Non-western Origins and the Western Revolutions*
HIST 339 Business in China: Heritage and Change
HIST 340 History and Psychology of Nazi Germany*
HIST 342 Environmental History*
HIST 357 History of Capitalism 
HIST 360 History of Colonial Latin America*
HIST 361 History of Modern Latin America* 
HIST 365 Themes in World History* 
HIST 366 Oceans of World History 
HIST 380 History of Pacific IslandsHIST 381 Traditional East Asia to 1600
HIST 382 Modern East Asia 
HIST 385 The Modern Middle East
HIST 391 Traditional China
HIST 390 Women and Gender in East Asia 
HIST 391 Traditional China 
HIST 392 Modern China 
HIST 393 Contemporary China 
HIST 394 Traditional Japan 
HIST 395 Modern Japan 
HIST 396 East Asia: Then and Now
HIST 397 Pop Culture Along the Pacific Rim: Japan and U.S. in the Modern Age
HIST 436 Psychology and History of Asian Warrior Cultures* 
HIST 442 African Diaspora* 
HIST 451 History of Africa Since 1800*
HIST 452 History of Southern Africa Since 1600*
HIST 472 History and Psychology of The Great War

6 units in Thematic History

Students should select two courses from the following list:

HIST 330 History of Science: Non-western Origins and the Western Revolutions*
HIST 338 Theatre in History*
HIST 342 Environmental History*
HIST 365 Themes in World History*
HIST 366 Oceans of World History
HIST 412 Law and Society*
HIST 413 World Religions and Classical Philosophy*
HIST 414 Women in History
HIST 415 Society and Radicalism
HIST 430 Tradition and Transformation: Literature, History, and Cultural Change

3 units in Historiography

HIST 491 Historiography

1-3 units in Capstone or Internship or Service Learning

HIST 492 Internship/Service Learning (1-3)
HIST 494 Independent Research (1-3)
HIST 497 Directed Studies (1-3)
HIST 499 Capstone (1-3)


Special Topics

HIST 490 Special Topics

History Electives

HIST 272 Constitutional History of the United States†
HIST 275 History of United States to 1900† (for LS majors)
HIST 331 Narratives of the Working Class*
HIST 430 Tradition & Transformation: Literature, History & Cultural Change*
HIST 445 Chicano Child and Adolescent*

*  Courses fulfilling the GE requirement
† Courses fulfilling the Title V requirement

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