• Frank P. Barajas Portrait

    Frank P. Barajas

    Professor, History
    Ph.D. History | Claremont Graduate University
    B.A. and M.A. History | CSU Fresno
    A.A. Liberal Arts | Moorpark College

    Madera Hall 2366 - 805-437-8862
    Faculty Biography

    Email: frank.barajas@csuci.edu
  • Rainer Buschmann Portrait

    Rainer Buschmann

    Professor/Chair, History
    Ph.D. History | University of Hawai'i
    M.A. Anthropology | University of Hawai'i
    B.A. Anthropology | University of Illinois
    Certificate Ethnology | University of Bonn, Germany

    Madera Hall 2407 - 805-437-8995
    Faculty Biography

    Email: rainer.buschmann@csuci.edu
  • Marie E. Francois Portrait

    Marie E. Francois

    Professor, History
    Ph.D Latin American History | University of Arizona
    M.A. Comparative History | UC Santa Cruz
    B.A. History, Latin American Studies | Uni. of Virginia
    Certificate Women's Studies | El Colegio de Mexico

    Madera Hall 1725 - 805-437-3123
    Faculty Biography

    Email: marie.francois@csuci.edu
  • Hanni Jalil Portrait

    Hanni Jalil

    Assistant Professor, History
    Ph.D. Latin American History | UC Santa Barbara
    M.A. History | UC San Diego
    B.A. History | CSU Northridge

    Madera Hall 2408
    Faculty Biography

    Email: hanni.jalil@csuci.edu
  • James Meriwether Portrait

    James Meriwether

    Professor, History
    Ph.D. History | UCLA
    M.A. History | UCLA
    B.A. History, Political Science | Duke

    Madera Hall 2627 - 805-437-3313
    Faculty Biography

    Email: jim.meriwether@csuci.edu
  • Robin Mitchell Portrait

    Robin Mitchell

    Associate Professor, History
    Ph.D. History, with a Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender, & Sexuality | UC Berkeley
    M.A. European History | UC Santa Cruz
    B.A. Ethnic Studies, with Honors | Mills College

    Madera Hall 2612 - 805-437-3876
    Faculty Biography

    Email: robin.mitchell@csuci.edu
  • Lance Nolde Portrait

    Lance Nolde

    Associate Professor, History
    Ph.D. History | University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    M.A. History | University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
    B.A. History | California State University Channel Islands

    Madera Hall 2707 - 805-437-2637
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    Email: lance.nolde741@csuci.edu
  • Julia Ornelas-Higdon Portrait

    Julia Ornelas-Higdon

    Associate Professor, History
    Ph.D. History | USC
    M.A. United States History | USC
    B.A. History | Pomona College

    Madera Hall 1633 - 805-437-2051
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    Email: julia.ornelas-higdon@csuci.edu
  • Jacqueline Reynoso Portrait

    Jacqueline Reynoso

    Assistant Professor, History
    Ph.D. History | Cornell University
    M.A. History | Cornell University
    B.A. History | UCLA

    Madera Hall 2606 - 805-437-1660
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    Email: jacqueline.reynoso@csuci.edu

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