As a discipline that documents and interprets continuity and change through time, California State University Channel Islands’ History Program prepares students to search into the human experience, as well as to communicate and analyze historical interpretations and ideas, verbally and in the written form. An emphasis of the program is to examine events from local and global perspectives. In this regard, a defining aspect of the History Program consist of a cutting-edge series of courses that emphasize the United States’ relationship with the Pacific Rim, encompassing the Americas, the Pacific Islands, and Asia.

In support of the University’s commitment to an interdisciplinary education, the History Program affords students the opportunity to integrate into their plan of study cross-listed history courses as well subjects outside the discipline to be utilized as part of their electives. Furthermore, the History Program promotes community-based applied research by placing student interns within public, private, and non-profit institutions as part of its degree requirement.

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The History Program trains students in the art of inquiry and effective communication. Students with a B.A. degree in History will be prepared to continue their graduate and post-baccalaureate education. Many history students also find careers in law, education, journalism, government, public, private, or foreign services.
A Historian in the World of Investments (PDF, 2,750 KB)

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