(18 units)

Affords non-majors the opportunity to investigate the historical complexities of societies and movements and their legacies in the present. Therefore the minor serves as a primer to the scholarly appreciation of the past.

Lower Division Requirements (9 units):

Students must select three lower division History courses. They must select at least one course from each area listed below:

World History:

HIST 211 World Civilizations: Origins to 1500 (3)
HIST 212 World Civilizations: Since 1500 (3)
Or articulated transfer courses of African, Asian, Latin American or Western Civilization based on history advisor’s approval may be substituted

American History:

HIST 270 The United States to 1877 (3)
HIST 271 The United States since 1877 (3)
HIST 272 Constitutional History of the U.S. (3)


HIST 280 The Historian’s Craft (3)

Upper Division Requirements (9 units):

Students must select any three courses from the program’s upper-division offerings.

*  Courses fulfilling the GE requirement
† Courses fulfilling the Title V requirement