The CSUCI Student Historian Association is an official, recognized club of CSU Channel Islands and the history program.  The clubs purpose is to foster a spirit of unity and to provide a social and intellectual forum for students, faculty, alumni and members of the community who are dedicated to the pursuit of the discipline of history.

To accomplish these goals the club:

  1. Encourages and builds relationships, both on campus and in the community, to provide students of the history major, and minor, with resources for internships and professional careers related to this field.
  2. Organizes social activitiesfor its members that introduce, enhance or illustrate history in a way that is complimentary and relevant to the coursework that is covered in class lectures.

 What do we do?

General Membership Meetings

General Membership meetings are scheduled at least once per month.  The meetings are forums where members can share ideas, express concerns and speak directly with club leadership.
General Membership meetings will often have a program or presentation as the night's agenda.

Museum Trips

The club has made several trips to local museums and libraries.  Museum field trips are an excellent way to bring history alive and a chance for members to enjoy themselves outside of the classroom.  In some cases, professors have even granted extra credit for visiting important expositions that are related to class material.


Each semester the club drafts a list of special guest lecturers primarily from the history program.  These lectures and discussions can add depth to material covered in class or they can be outstanding ways for our esteemed faculty to share some of their specialized knowledge and methods in a smaller, less structured setting than the classroom.

Study Groups

With the network of students who are in many of our classes, when midterms, finals, or just that nasty essay that is due, organizing a study group hasnever been so easy!  With our Facebook page you can instantly communicate with some or all of the club membership to organize that last minute cramming session.

 2010-2011 Charter Secretariat

Secretary General:Kristin Hronek
Deputy Secretary General: Kelly McGinnis
Secretary of the Treasury:Ivan Mora
Secretary of Archives and Records:Diana Carll

For more information or to join the CSUCI Student Historian Association feel free to contact:

Facebook Search: CSUCI Student Historian Association